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Fall-Winter 2022 is coming!

Hello my beautiful friends!
I'm so excited to share with you the Fall-Winter creation process! ♥ 
I confess it hasn't been a smooth flow of creativity as you can imagine. I went in full armadillo-on-the-floor mode at some point, not knowing what to do next! 
However, YOU came to the rescue and filled our questionaire, providing me with great insights! THANK YOU! ♥ So let's begind with revealing the process!


Sustainable Fabric swatches

The fabric

First I started looking at swatches. I confess that this season I was tempted to swith from Linen to a certified linen blend. I also considered a wool, but it is not vegan and sustainable, so I gave up on that. Finally, I decided to make it all in 100% Linen, but because it is Winter, I thought I'd increase the weight. 


The inspiration

Dark Cottagecore Outlander Pre-Raphaelite inspiration board
The inspiration started when the new season of Outlander launched and I was, of course, OBSESSED! I am all about Scottish claire and the dark moods of Scotland. Then, I my partner and I decided to take a vacation to see his family in the UK, and guess what? This angles of a man is taking me to fulfill my dreams of frolicking in the Scotish highlands and I am dying!
To match my inspiration, I wanted to add texture and aesthetics beauty, so I looked into the Pre-Raphaelite paintings, which would bring the Dark Cottagecore mood I was looking for. 
So add in the blender: Outlander, Scotland, Pre-Raphaelite Paintings and Dark Cottagecore and we will have our second collection:

The Sea to Sky

Sketches of the new designs

The Designs

As a startup, there isn't much room for big creativeness and changes from the first development, as believe me, it gets very expensive quickly! So, I took the first collection as a learning and moved forward with a new wintery version of it, which I am SO EXCITED about! 

So here are the pieces we'll have:



Top and dress set design and long linen dress design


 The colours 

For solid colours, the majority liked this colour palette. 

Cinnamon, "Tealish" dark green and Black. 

Fabric colour swatches

I personally love this palette. It is all down to budget now, so I decided to keep Cinnamon and Black as core, and perhaps to a Christmas drop of the green. Thoughts?


The Pre-Raphaelite print

I wanted to keep the tradition of featuring a hand-made print eevry season. To bring the pre-raphaelite mood I wanted some dark and bold florals so for this print, I hand-painted with watercolours some tulips and pieced together some painting flowers for the ultimate oil-painting texture. I think it will look fabulous on the linen.

Dark floral print

Right now, my production partners are sampling some of these beautiful pieces and I CAN'T WAIT to show you the final pieces! For now I'll leave you with some BTS of my working the new neckline and other details! 

Behind the scenes photos of the samples development with the factory
I hope you enjoyed today's journal and hope to share much more as things start happening! If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave a comment of DM me on IG! 
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😍 dark teal green heavy weight linen skirt?!
My dreams do come true!
That print in gorgeous too! Would be amazing to have the skirt pockets made out of it. ❤️ I know what my Christmas present to me will be.


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