Why Cottagecore

Why Cottagecore

Cottagecore is, by definition, a fashion movement that started in online communities inspired by a vintage aesthetic from the Victorian English countryside. However, the concept expanded from fashion into lifestyle, raising philosophical questions regarding our unsustainable modern ways of living and what we consider to be a fulfilling life.

Escaping into Cottagecore means immersing into a world of appreciation for the simple things, a connection with the natural elements and a sense of contentment by simply living in the present moment. The idea is to perform mundane activities such as baking, cooking, reading, and gardening with gratitude and romance, so you live happier.

It’s a way of living, lost through the power of industry and contemporary ambition, and much needed for our planet to survive. The Cottagecore community embraces a vintage look, impersonations of Impressionist paintings and Jane Austen’s books to recuperate values turned into dust and smoke, reminding us of a simpler time.

To me, it was a way to cope with the pandemic and a path to self-discovery. I've always been inspired by vintage and period movies, but finding myself in this community has been a delightful awakening. It has allowed me to question my habits and what makes me truly happy.

I consumed meaningless fashion and felt like I was always missing something in life, a sense of purpose. But, once I discovered this world and what I could create in it, my life changed forever.

Creating this brand has meant giving up a path I was sure of, but it also opened many new possibilities. Now I can express myself and represent so many amazing people in this community. I can also make people happy by giving them sustainable options to feel like their true selves and advocate for a lifestyle that truly saved me in my darkest hour.


To advocate this way of living, I decided to start Wandwoods. A sustainable brand made slowly and ethically, inspired by books, films and fairy tales so that you can discover your path into Cottagecore.

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