100% Linen and original prints

Our debut collection pieces are made of 100% linen. It is a natural and biodegradable fibre considered sustainable and durable. It requires 5 to 20 less water and energy to produce, compared to other fibres, like cotton.

The colour pallete consists of soft tones of spring and an original designed print, hand painted by the founder, Natalia Pavanelli.

The Lady Jane Dress

The Lady Jane will make you feel like exploring the gardens of Netherfield in search for Mr. Bringley. It's made of sustainable 100% linen fabric and comes in 3 colours: Mistletoe, Old Rose and the Full Bloom print. All colours have a contrasted inner white skirt.

The shorter length makes it very versatile for Spring and Summer use, however this dress can also be layered and used in the Fall and even Winter.

It also features pockets and a beautiful twirl, making this dress the perfect versatile piece in any wardrobe.

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The Pemberley Top & Skirt

The Pemberley Set will make you want to run through the fields and collect flowers in a summer breeze. This set is composed by a top and skirt which will be available as separate pieces as well. The top and skirt will come in 3 styles: Mistletoe, Old Rose and the Full Bloom print.

This set is very versatile. Wear it together, like a dress, or separate. When you get this set, you have infinite combinations with other pieces in your wardrobe. The wrap top makes this look feminine and the puff sleeves makes it extra romantic. It has a princess shape and it is slightly cropped. The skirt is full and features 2 pocket. Get a beautiful twirl and feel like Elizabeth Bennet through the gardens of Pemberley.

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The Zero-Waste Bow

With every garment production comes waste. Those scraps of fabric are usually discarted and go to the landfills, adding to one of the biggest pollution sources in the world: fabric waste. To address this matter, Wandwoods wanted to make sure all useful fabric get it's maximum use by turning scraps into hairclip bows to complement your outfit. The bows will come in all colours.

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