How did Wandwoods start

How did Wandwoods start

Hello everyone,

My name is Natalia Pavanelli, and I am the founder/owner of Wandwoods. Although you might know me from Social Media, I thought it was time to start registering my journey here.

I will start by sharing how Wandwoods started and tales of my strange life that led me here.


I still remember when I drew my first princess in 1994. I was living in Germany at the time and wasn't allowed yet in school. However, my sister brought something home that would change my life forever. She told me she had just learned how to draw a princess and wanted to teach me. So I picked up a pencil and followed the steps. After that, my mother and father would always supply me with the most amazing painting materials allowing me to explore my artistic side. This event lit something in me, and I have never stopped drawing princesses, tales, fantasy, flowers, landscapes, and love stories ever since.

Photo: my sister Bruna and I in the meadows

For 30 years, I have grown and developed an artistic soul and a desire to express myself and my feelings through art and fashion. As a teenager, I would dress up and create outfits that were out of the ordinary. I would cosplay and allow myself to immerse in a fantasy world, a world of beauty.

Having moved through many cities and countries, people did not always welcome this artist and her differences from others. I was bullied, yelled at, and even beaten. In one word: misunderstood. I want to tell all those who suffer in silence never to give up. Be yourself no matter what! Kindness always wins!
Wandwoods was born from all the "no's," but more importantly, it is the child of a dream of beauty and a desire to advocate for those who ever felt cornered and like they don't belong.
It was in 2020 when I discovered myself through the Cottagecore community. I was lost and couldn't find my true calling. So I went on a journey of self-discovery and mindfulness practice. Finally, this lifestyle and philosophy showed me the path to the light. Like a flower in the spring, little by little, petal by petal, I began to bloom, and my destiny was revealed. I am very grateful to those who helped me come out of the shadows. I didn't do it alone.

Once I discovered my strength and reconnected to my soul, I started a course called Factory45 and it gave me the roadmap to create Wandwoods. It started as an art shop, however, my goal was to have a sustainable fashion brand that helps spreading the word of Cottagecore and others to find peace and happiness through harmony with nature and simple times. I have always expressed myself through fashion, and I hope it reaches people's hearts like mine.

The sustainability factor was crucial to translating my transformation and pursuing better habits. In Cottagecore, nature is most precious and must be looked after as it looks after you. So in my mind, I should do the best I can to make sure production, materials, and labour are ethical and less damaging to the environment.

From ashes and dreams, now I can be myself and ask you to join me in the meadows and show me your true self. Because together we are strong, we are beautiful.

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